Due Regard Consulting (DRC)

provides the conduit from small- and medium- size companies to large Primes and Government Acquisition Commands for the purpose of performing on Government Contracts. Due Regard Consulting takes relationships to contracts.


Due Regard Consulting expertise is based on its President’s 26-year Naval Career and subsequent Defense Industry employment. Captain Dave Grundies is an experienced and proven manager well-known and respected by Government and Corporate Senior Leaders in the San Diego Defense Community.

Due Regard Consulting was established for the express purpose of assisting private companies match their service offerings and products in the defense and aerospace sectors with US Government agencies that have a need for those services and products.


Due Regard Consulting stays up-to-date with the innovations and needs of the Department of Defense agencies through regular participation in PEOC4I, SPAWAR, AFCEA, NDIA, SDMAC, Navy League, and San Diego Chamber Events. Dave Grundies is a go-to person for those interested in the pulse of the San Diego Defense Community.

Bottom Line: Due Regard Consulting will connect the dots (.mil, .gov, .com, .net, .org) for you. Transforming contacts into contracts.